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Far From Perfect

Maybe I'm not perfect but at least I am myself

Book Hermione Fans
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Ok everyone this is a community for fans of the BOOK Hermione and only the BOOK Hermione. This means that the members here believe that there is a difference between book and movie Hermione and have decided they like the book version better. So I will stop rambling on and I will post the rules.

1. You must like book Hermione (how many times have I said this already?)

2. No bashing of peoples opinions (please don't go on here and yell at people for what they believe.)

3. Please use LJ cut for long posts and/or icons and other graphics.

4. NO EMMA WATSON (well simply put this is not a community for Emma Watson lovers because frankly I don't like the girl and thought she mutilated the character she was supposed to play.)

5. Do NOT post pictures of movie version Hermione (I don't want that here I want fanart plain and simple.)

6. Obey the rules

That's it so far I might be horrible at running this community so please forgive me but I will try my hardest.

Thank you for joiing and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Your loving Mods,


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